11.17.17Rebecca Bullard Presenting to Rogers County Bar Association
10.16.17Philip Feist Presenting at OBA
10.02.17Kristen Brightmire to present at Employment Law and Practices Seminar on November 4
09.01.17Rebecca Bullard to Present at OBA CLE September 21
09.01.17Kristen Brightmire to present at Western Arkansas Human Resource Association's Leadership Conference on October 18
08.24.17Kristen L. Brightmire to present "What is: Reasonable? / Undue Hardship? (ADA and Title VII)"
12.01.16Three Doerner Attorneys to Present FMLA Master Class
09.29.16The Essential Elements of Assisted Living
07.01.16William Kellough to Speak at the Oklahoma Judicial Conference July 21
02.29.16Kaylee Davis-Maddy Co-Chair of 8th Annual Oklahoma Water Law Conference
05.01.15William Kellough to Speak at OBA Event on the "Use of Character Evidence at Trial"
04.23.15Annual Employer's Workshop - April 23, 2015 (Tulsa)
04.23.15Mike Wofford To Co-Host the 7th Annual Oklahoma Water Law Conference
04.23.152015 Employer's Workshop in Tulsa!!!
03.20.153 Doerner Attorneys to Present a PESI-sponsored seminar
02.02.15David J. Hyman to Present at the 2015 Physicians and Hospitals Law Institute
12.18.14Kristen Brightmire to Present at the Tulsa County Bar Association's Employment Law Update
11.14.14Robert E. Spoo to Present at The University of Tulsa College of Law's Order With or Without Law Conference
10.14.14Kenneth T. Short to Present at the Tulsa Area Employer Council
10.09.142014 FMLA Master Class for Oklahoma Employers (Tulsa)
09.23.142014 FMLA Master Class for Oklahoma Employers (OKC)
07.24.14Kristen Brightmire to present at the Office of Civil Rights Enforcement's Title VII 50th Anniversary Educational Outreach Event
04.16.14Information You Can Use: 2014 Annual Workshop (Tulsa)
04.11.14Mike Wofford to Speak on the Topic of Legal Ethics as it Relates to Water Law
04.10.14Kenneth T. Short to present at the 11th Annual Employment Law: Beyond the Basics Seminar
03.26.14Robert E. Spoo to speak at The University of Tulsa College of Law's Alumni Reception - Oklahoma City
02.21.14Ken Short to present on the topic of OSHA Recordkeeping and Investigations
02.05.14Kristen Brightmire to present on the topic of Employee Leave Issues - Managing th Law and Your Policies
02.05.14David Hyman to speak at the American Health Lawyers Association's Physicians Law Institute
01.14.14Ken Short to present at the Tulsa Area Employer Council
12.11.13Training for the Trenches Luncheon Series: How to Minimize and Address Retaliation Claims
12.11.13Mike Wofford to speak on Water Quantity and Quality: New Trends and Challenges
11.20.13Kristen Brightmire to Present a CLE Entitled "Employment Law Update" at the TCBA
11.13.13Training for the Trenches Luncheon Series: Handling Claims of Harassment in the Workplace
11.7.13Oscar Wilde & The Law at University of Tulsa
11.6.13Ken Short to present at TAHRA Seminar
10.22.13Doerner attorney Mike Wofford to present at the 2013 Governor's Water Conference
10.17.132013 FMLA Master Class For Oklahoma Employers
10.01.13Robert Spoo to speak on the "The Golden Age of Literary Piracy in America", a talk based on his new book
10.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Pick Your Poison - Hire Ex-Con or Get Sued?
09.11.13Training for the Trenches Luncheon Series: Handling Employee Health Issues
08.14.13Training for the Trenches Luncheon Series - August 14
07.26.138 Issues When Doing Business or Contracting with Native American Tribes
05.08.13Training for the Trenches 2013
04.30.13A Winning Workforce in 2013: Annual Workshop (Tulsa)
04.24.13Rules of Trust Administration in Oklahoma
04.11.13A Winning Workforce in 2013: Annual Seminar (Oklahoma City)
04.10.13Training for the Trenches 2013: Tips and Traps in Managing Employee Performance Issues
03.13.13Training for the Trenches 2013: Tips and Traps in Hiring
02.13.13Training for the Trenches 2013: What Policies You Must Have and What Policies You Should Consider
01.15.13Pre-Employment - Are You Hiring the People You Want?
12.20.12Effects of TMDL's (Total Maximum Daily Loads) and Watershed Planning Under the Clean Water Act
12.12.12Best Employer Defense Series 2012: How to Avoid Disability Discrimination Claims
11.14.12Best Employer Defense Series 2012: How to Discipline and Discharge
10.24.12E-Discovery: Searching the Virtual File Cabinets
10.17.12Smart Growth - Balancing Resources, Environment, and the Economy
10.10.12Best Employer Defense Series 2012: How to Avoid Retaliation Suits
10.03.12Access to Law Enforcement Records
10.01.12Best Employer Defense Training Series 2012
09.13.12Legal Considerations for Supervisors
09.12.12Best Employer Defense Series 2012: How to Avoid Discrimination Suits
09.05.12Training On Top Issues All Supervisors Must Know To Avoid Risk of Costly Claims and Personal Liability
09.05.12Minimizing Risks of Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation, and Other Major Employment Claims
08.08.12Best Employer Defense Series 2012: How to Avoid Harassment Suits
06.13.12How to Avoid Disability Discrimination Claims
05.22.122012 Oklahoma Brownfields Conference
05.17.129th Annual Labor and Employment Law 2012 Seminar
05.09.12Employment Law Update for CPAs
05.09.12Best Employer Defense Series 2012: How to Discipline & Discharge without Getting Sued
05.04.12Total Maximum Daily Loads and the Implementation of Watershed Based Plans in Oklahoma Lakes and Streams
05.03.12Oklahoma Water Law Conference
04.20.12Doing Business in Indian Country Seminar (Oklahoma City)
04.17.12The Employer's Legal Resource Workshop: Get it Right in 2012
03.30.12Unpaid Training, Not Free Labor: Which Internships Must be Paid Under Federal Law
11.17.11When Worlds Collide: Internal Conflicts & External Communication
11.15.11Copyright: How Not to Get Sued for Your Writing
10.28.11Civil Court Judicial Forum Moderator
09.13.11Avoiding Pitfalls Using Social Media
08.04.11Boot Camp: Foreclosure and Loan Workout Procedures
06.09.11"The Good, the Bad & the Ugly" Hiring & Firing: Tips to Minimize Your Legal Risks
05.19.11Tulsa International Mayfest
05.05.11Water Quality Law
03.08.11How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Retaliation
01.13.11Hiring and Firing in Oklahoma
11.10.10Employee or Independent Contractor: Misclassifications Can Cost You
11.04.10Incorporating E-Discovery Rules into State Practice
11.04.10The State of Health Care Reform: How the 2010 Changes are Impacting Your Clients
10.27.10Governor's Water Conference
10.27.10The Department of Transportation Regulations Limiting the Use of Wireless Communication Devices Becomes Effective
10-12-10Environmental Federation of Oklahoma
09.29.10Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: Drugs, Sex and Rock & Roll
09.28.10Tulsa Metro Chamber Sourcelink Meeting - Successional Planning in Small Business
09.22.10Joint Commission's Recent Change to the Hospital Medical Staff Standards
07.31.10Avoiding Legal Pitfalls on the Web
05.23.10Oklahoma Water Town Hall
05.01.10Third Party Liability in Brownfield and Superfund Sites
04.22.102010 Employer's Legal Resources Workshop
04.22.10The Employer's Legal Resource - 2010 Workshop: Getting Back to Basics
04.01.10The Paperless HR Department
03.04.10The Business Succession Planning Seminar
02.26.103rd Annual On-Site Employee Health Clinic Summit
01.01.10E-Discovery and the Judiciary
01.01.10Oklahoma ESI Symposium
01.01.10Ethical Considerations in E-Discovery
12.09.09I-9 Compliance: New Requirements and Common Mistakes
12.03.09Federal Health Law Reform
12.03.09Tulsa County Bar Association - "Federal Health Law Reform"
11.18.09Involuntary Discharge of Residents
11.17.09Water Contracts and Water Rights from the Municipal Perspective
11.12.09E-Discovery: Searching the Virtual File Cabinets - November 2009
11.11.09Overview of the Oklahoma Comprehensive Lawsuit Reform Act of 2009
10.16.09Rural Water Issues and Contracting Update
10.07.09Developments Under The New Americans with Disabilities Act
10.01.09Discovery of Electronically Stored Information
10.01.09Strategic Considerations in E-Discovery
09.22.09Red Flag Compliance for Healthcare Providers
09.22.09Deposing Fact Witnesses: Deposition Skills
09.18.09The Expansion of the Public Policy Tort and What it Means for Oklahoma Employers and Employment Lawyers
09.01.09Discovery Drafting
08.13.09Real Property Foreclosure
07.09.09Company Provided Health Clinics and Wellness Programs
07.01.09Commerce in Indian Country: Doing Business in Indian Country
05.30.09Tulsa Lawyer for the Arts
05.27.09The 2007 Edition of the AIA and ConsensusDocs General Conditions: Knowing the Differences and Navigating the "Killer Clauses"
05.19.09Practical Pointers On Getting Through The Day As A Supervisor
05.18.09Assisted Living Regulations
04.07.09Water Rights Sales and Transfers In Oklahoma
04.03.09Form I-9 Update
03.24.09Fundamentals of Healthcare Arbitration
03.11.09Best Practices for Hiring and Firing in Today’s Complicated Legal Environment
02.19.09FMLA Regulations
02.11.09Oklahoma Water Laws and Regulations
01.22.09New FMLA Regulations: Military caregiver leave and Qualifying exigency leave
01.20.09Rules of Trust Administration
01.15.09New FMLA Regulations: How to operate day-to-day under the new regulations
01.11.09Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) violations are subject to per person penalties
01.08.09New FMLA Regulations: FMLA Documents
01.07.09FMLA Regulations Effective January 16: Are you Ready?
12.02.08Immigration Laws Affecting Oklahoma Immigrants And Employers
12.01.08New FMLA Regulations: Are You Ready?
12.01.08Deposition Skills
08.26.08Getting Organized and Staying Organized: Small Office Management
08.01.08Keeping Up with E-Discovery
11.28.07Designing a Compliant Record Retention Policy
11.15.07Making a Connection: The Art of Communication
11.08.07Billing Liabilities for the Health Professional
08.01.07Production of Electronic Data Under New Federal Rules
10.01.99Qui Tam Litigation - OBA Mineral Law Mid-Year Meeting
Kristen Brightmire to present to the Family Owned Business Institute on September 19

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