The Employer's Legal Resource - 2010 Workshop: Getting Back to Basics



8:00 AM - Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM - How to Minimize your Risks of a Wrongful Discharge Lawsuit
By Kristen L. Brightmire

We will walk you through the employment process, from application and pre-screening, through performance, discipline, and discharge. We will discuss ways to minimize your legal risks. We will also discuss whether you should seek a waiver/release from a discharged employee and briefly address issues which may arise if you purchase Employment Practices Liability Insurance.

10:15 AM - Break

10:30 AM - ADA Everyday
by McLaine DeWitt Herndon

We will focus on real life scenarios that may implicate the 2008 American's with Disabilities Amendments Act. We will address, among other things, employment applications, accommodation decisions, return to work policies.

11:30 AM - Lunch is Served

12:30 PM - Immigration and I-9 Compliance: New Requirements and Common Mistakes
by Hilary L. Velandia

We will discuss recent changes in I-9 law, the need for I-9 audits, some issues with E-Verify compliance, and more.

1:30 PM - Break

1:45 PM - Social Networking and other Technology Concerns

We will focus upon use of technologies by employees and monitoring of technologies by employers. Newly enacted laws and regulations, as well as proposed laws and regulations will be discussed. Attendees will be counseled regarding drafting policies and ensuring best monitoring practices in order to minimize employer liability.

2:45 PM - Payroll Issues
by Rebecca M. Fowler

We will be addressing the most current wage and hour issues including the expanded rights under COBRA, garnishments, furloughs, and more.

4:00 PM - Conclusion

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Rebecca D. Bullard

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