Doerner invests in the latest technologies that best support the work we are performing for clients. Whether it is managing the business of law, handling legal issues for clients, or managing E-Discovery, our investment in technology enables us to maximize our efficiency, accessibility and responsiveness to our clients.

Safety and Privacy

Our offices are connected through multiple high speed T-1 lines with complete redundancy of all documents and programs. In the event of an interruption in service in one office, the other office offers complete and remote access to all data. Additionally, all data is securely stored off site and is quickly accessible in the event of a catastrophic loss at all offices simultaneously. In addition to our efforts to ensure access to your data, we also have employed sophisticated technology to protect your data from unauthorized access, from within the Firm or from outside of the Firm.

Flexibility and Mobility

While we go to great lengths to protect our data and your information, our integrated voice, mail and knowledge management data system allows our lawyers to set up a secure virtual office anywhere in the world in a matter of hours. This accessibility has allowed our lawyers to set up virtual offices in distant cities for daily use or for extended periods of time.

Knowledge Management

We have employed fully integrated knowledge management software that allows us to organize, index, store and retrieve documents, videos, emails, voicemails and other media. Through our secure network, our lawyers can access this information anywhere they have access to a computer.

Video and Audio Conferencing

We use state of the art audio and video conferencing, operated via our high speed network. Video conferencing provides an effective and efficient means of communicating with our clients, between our offices and among other parties. Our audio conferencing bridge allows multiple party participation, enabling conversations among the entire group or segregated subgroups of participants. This technology allows multiple parties to break into separate confidential conversations without being separated from the underlying conference call.

Litigation Support

We are committed to litigation support technology – from the moment a lawsuit is filed through the conclusion of trial. In addition to an integrated knowledge management system, we use a variety of programs for case management, data integration, presentations and trial support. We have used this technology to index and cross reference millions of pages of documents, depositions and videos so that our lawyers have ready access during litigation and during trial.

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Justin B. Munn

Justin B. Munn

Justin represents clients throughout Oklahoma in family law, civil litigation, guardianships, adoptions, estate planning, trust and probate matters. 

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