Our lawyers are familiar with and advise on the full range of taxable and tax-exempt financing options for public trust projects.

Public Trusts

For more than 50 years, Doerner has represented state and local beneficiary public trusts engaged in various aspects of industrial and economic development, as well as in the operation and provision of ancillary services such as treated water, waste water, process steam and airport services. We also represent individuals and businesses who contract with public trusts to develop and operate new industries, plants, and processing centers, and who have need for these various ancillary services.

We effectively handle the extensive negotiations and preparation of development agreements, acquisition or construction agreements, industrial leases, utility service agreements and related documentation. Our lawyers are familiar with and advise on the full range of taxable and tax-exempt financing options for public trust projects, including those that involve public or private loan agreements, bond indentures, securities offerings or underwriting documents. When tax-exempt financing is available, we act as counsel to the public trust serving as issuer of the tax exempt indebtedness and as counsel to the business that owns and operates the facilities constructed or acquired with the proceeds.

Top Areas of Focus

  • Obtaining right of ways and easements for facility expansion
  • Representing water service providers
  • Representing clients before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and other municipal, state and federal agencies to obtain approval for construction of new facilities, expansion of existing facilities, amended rates
  • Serving as general counsel for state beneficiary public trusts
  • Representing  public trusts in state and federal environmental and employment investigations
  • Representing public trusts in state and federal litigation and bankruptcy matters
  • Public utility litigation involving utility service areas, territorial boundaries, utility supply contracts, rates and charges for both transmission and service, and utility obligations to customers and ratepayers

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