11.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Drug Testing Case Involving Sudafed May Foreshadow Decision for Medical Marijuana
11.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Disability Lawsuit Proceeds in Oklahoma Federal Court Because of Inaccurate Reporting of Absences
10.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL Issues Updated Overtime Rule for White Collar Exemption
10.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm
09.04.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Constitutional Carry Becomes Law November 1
09.04.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Applicants have Rights regarding their Off-Duty Gun Ownership
09.04.19The Employer's Legal Resource: "No Smoking" Signs Need to be Updated
08.05.19The Employer's Legal Resource: More Rights for Your Employees to Have Time Off to Vote
08.05.19The Employer's Legal Resource: JAN Launches the Workplace Accommodation Toolkit
08.05.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Reminder: New Medical Marijuana Rules Take Effect Later this Month
07.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Where Do Employees Sue for Retaliation? Recent Case Spawns Legislative Changes in the Workers' Compensation World
07.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma's Law on Workers' Compensation Retaliation Undergoes Another Change Increasing Potential Liability for Employers
06.03.19The Employer's Legal Resource: The Importance of Training Your Managers Cannot Be Overstated
06.03.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Medical Marijuana Update For Employers
06.03.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Holds Title VII Charge-Filing is Not Jurisdictional
05.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court to Decide Whether Title VII Includes Protection Against Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
04.30.19Chambers and Partners Rank Doerner Attorneys
02.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Human Resources Rep's Informal Statement to Deaf Employee is Evidence
02.01.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Even the Appearance of Setting an Employee up for Failure can be Costly in Litigation
01.02.19The Employer's Legal Resource: FMLA New Years' Resolution
01.02.19The Employer's Legal Resource: Certain Settlement Payments No Longer Tax-Deductible Under Section 162(q)
12.03.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Sticks and Stones
12.03.18The Employer's Legal Resource: New DOL Opinion Letter Addresses Extra Compensation for Salaried Employees
11.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Get out the Vote - Your Employees' Rights to Vote
11.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Titles, Even Incorporating, Will Not Always Control the Whether a Person is or is not Your Employee
10.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Encourage Employees to Review Beneficiary Designations
10.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Provides ADA Guidance Regarding Reasonable Accommodations for Digital Interviews
09.03.18DOL Issues New Opinion Letter on No-Fault Attendance Policy and FMLA Leave
09.03.18New Affidavit of Exempt Status Forms
08.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Parent Corporation Required to Defend Claim Brought by Employee of Subsidiary
08.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL's Guidance on Whether "Caregiver Registries" are Employers Provides Guidance on the Broader Question of Who is an "Employee"
07.02.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Legalizes Medical Marijuana-The Real Impact on Oklahoma Employers
07.02.18The Employer's Legal Resource: SCOTUS Upholds Employer Arbitration Agreements Requiring Employees to Waive the Right to Pursue Class and Collective Claims
04.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: The DOL's "PAID" Program May Not Pay Off For Employers
04.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Supreme Court Addresses Dual Capacity Doctrine for Stockholders of Employers
04.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Sixth Circuit Holds That Discrimination On The Basis Of Transgender Or Transitioning Status Violates Title VII
03.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Court Requires Strict Adherence to the Statute on Non-Solicitation Provisions
03.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Second Circuit Rules that Title VII Protects Against Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
02.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Employer May Violate Title VII by Requiring Employees to Swap Shifts or Use Paid Time Off to Avoid Working on Sabbath
02.01.18The Employer's Legal Resource: Mixed Result for African American Police Captain's Title VII Case Against City of Tulsa in Local Federal Court
01.03.18The Employer's Legal Resource: NLRB Revisits Joint Employer Standard; Employers Will Be Happy About Results
01.03.18The Employer's Legal Resource: ERISA Update: New Rules Regarding Disability Benefit Claims in Appeals Put on Hold for 90 Days
12.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma City Jury Awards Transgender Professor $1.165 Million in Title VII Claim
12.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Lawsuit Stayed so EEOC Could Conciliate
11.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Transgender Employees Continue to be at the Center of Debate
11.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Update: Transgender Professor's Title VII Claims Survive Summary Judgment in Oklahoma Federal Court
11.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Sixth Circuit Deems Unlawful a Policy Requiring Employees to Repay Advanced "Draws" Upon Termination
10.02.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Mandatory Five-Minute Pre-Shift Briefings are Compensable Work Time Under the FLSA
10.02.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Supreme Court Answers the Question of Where Do Worker's Comp Retaliation Claims Get Resolved
10.02.17The Employer's Legal Resource: White Collar Exemptions Continue to Be Awash with Questions
09.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Don't jump the gun when your employee cannot return to work after exhausting FMLA leave.
09.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Is an employer required to pay employees for time spent travelling for their job?
08.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Temp's Request for Leave is Not a Request for a Reasonable Accommodation
08.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court May Consider Sexual Orientation Claim Under Title VII
08.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: DSDA Articles Published in Tulsa Lawyer Magazine
07.01.2017The Employer's Legal Resource: Can Your Employer Keep Your Tips?
07.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Temp Agency Placement to Direct Employee and Essential Functions Under ADA: Physical Exams are Okay, but Work History Still Matters
07.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: This could be the DOL's biggest month yet. Let's recap June's developments.
06.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Racial Slurs in the Workplace – Severe or Pervasive; It doesn't have to be both
06.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: New Medical Marijuana Law in Arkansas: What Employers Need to Know
05.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Is Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation Prohibited Under Title VII? Several Appellate Courts Weigh In, But the Debate Continues
05.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: "Hire American" Executive Order: Read the Fine Print
04.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Federal Court Rules in Favor of Employer on Claims for FMLA Interference and Retaliation
04.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Department of Corrections Prevails on Motion as to Discharge Claims but Heads to Trial on Hostile Environment Claim
04.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Need I-9 Help – You've Got It
03.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Joint Fact Sheet on Unlawful Retaliation
03.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Lying to the DOL is a Recipe for Disaster
03.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Dealing with Employee Prescription Drug Use Under the ADA – Employers Should Proceed with Caution
02.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC issues New Guidance regarding Mental Health Conditions and Employee's Rights
02.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: Help Mental Health Care Providers Help You – The Process of Identifying a Reasonable Accommodation
02.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: New Rules regarding Disability Benefit Claims and Appeals
02.01.17The Employer's Legal Resource: REMINDER - New Form I-9s Must Now Be Used
12.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Buzz Words Not Necessary for Leave to be Covered by FMLA
12.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Collective Action Claims Employees' "Regular Rate" should Include $35.00 Per Diem when Calculating Overtime Pay
12.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: New Form I-9s are Published
11.23.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Court Enjoins DOL From Implementing or Enforcing Majority of the Overtime Regulations Set To Take Effect December 1
11.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Wait – What does antitrust law have to do with HR? FTC and DOJ issue guidance for HR professionals.
11.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Recent Oklahoma Federal Court Reminds of Employer's Duty to Engage in Interactive Process and Temporary Conditions as Disabilities Under ADA
11.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Updates EEO-1 Reporting Requirements and Deadline
10.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Get out the Vote — Your Employees' Rights to Vote
10.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Challenges to Overtime Rules Pending — But December 1 Compliance Deadline Still in Effect For Now
09.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Updates Enforcement Guidance on Retaliation and ADA Interference
09.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Federal Court Refuses to Enforce Employment Agreement Requiring Arbitration of Employment Claims because of Fee Shifting Language
09.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Keeping Up With the DOL
08.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Can Your Company File a Lawsuit Over a Negative Social Media Post?
07.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Overview of Non-Exempt Versus Exempt
07.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: What it Means to Compensate your Employee on a "Salary Basis"
07.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: What if My Employee is "Highly Compensated"-- Is She Exempt?
06.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL Issues Final Rule on Overtime Exemptions
06.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Issues Fact Sheet on Bathroom Access for Transgender Employees
05.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: New Poster; Guide -- A Reminder of the DOL's Focus
05.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Improper Motive can Lead to First Amendment Violation, Supreme Court Holds, Despite Factual Mistakes by Supervisors
05.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC GOES DIGITAL
04.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: This Case Will Make Employers Sick--Oklahoma Supreme Court Expands Public Policy Exception to At-Will Employment
04.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL Proposed Rule Requires Paid Sick Leave for Employees of Federal Contractors
03.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Guidelines Clarify Protections for HIV-Positive Employees
03.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Governor Fallin signs "Ban the Box" Executive Order
03.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Tenth Circuit Allows Turkish Teacher's Hostile Work Environment Claim to Proceed to Jury Trial
02.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Reminder About Job Equality: Protecting Muslim and Middle Eastern Employees from Unlawful Workplace Discrimination or Harassment
02.01.16The Emplyer's Legal Resource: DOL Releases Joint Employer Liability Guidelines For Wage and Hour Issues
02.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: New Poster Required for Federal Contractors
01.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: On the Horizon for 2016 -- Will Your Company Have to Raise Wages to Maintain Exemptions?
01.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: "Can you speak a little louder?" - NLRB Rules That Policies Prohibiting Workplace Recordings Are Illegal
01.01.16The Employer's Legal Resource: Analysis of Harassment Claim Should Be Effect of Race-Based Comments on Employee's Working Environment, Not Intent of Speaker
11.01.2015The Employer's Legal Resource: Employee's Use of Secret Recordings in ADEA Discrimination Case Backfires
11.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Strike Two: Fifth Circuit Once Again Rejects NLRB's Position and Upholds Arbitration Agreement Requiring Employees to Waive Right to Pursue Class and Clooective Actions
10.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Insulating the Employer from the (Possibly) Biased Supervisor
10.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Amnesty Program Announced by Oklahoma Tax Commission
10.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: EEO-1 Survey – Extension!
09.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: NLRB Rules Northwestern Players Cannot Unionize
09.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: IRS Issues Fact Sheet on Misclassification of Workers
09.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Tenth Circuit Says Deaf Applicant's ADA Claim Survives Summary Judgement - Reasonableness of Proposed Accomodations Goes to Jury
08.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: OSHA Issues Guidance on Transgender Employees and Workplace Restrooms
08.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: New DOL Guidance Broadly Defines Employee and Makes Independent Contractors the Exception Under FLSA
08.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Federal Court Recognizes Transgender Professor's Hostile Work Environment Claim Under Title VII
07.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Rules That Constitution Protects Same Sex Couples' Fundamental Right To Marry
07.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Updates Guidance
07.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL Issues Proposed Rule Regarding FLSA Overtime Exemption
06.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Reverses Abercrombie Decision - Employers Can Violate Law With No Knowledge Of Religious Beliefs
06.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: NLRB General Counsel Issues Advice Memo On "Joint Employer" Status Of Restaurant Franchise
06.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL Updates FMLA Forms to Address GINA
06.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: OSHA Updates Poster
05.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, but Words Will Send Your Case to a Jury
05.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Linking In May be a Sweet Deal
05.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Rules EEOC Must Conciliate Before Suing
04.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Update-DOL's New FMLA Regulation on Same Sex Spouses is Put on Hold
04.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Update-Supreme Court Rules on Accommodations Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act
04.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Combatting FMLA Abuse with Video Surveillance
04.01.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Employees Do Not Waive FLSA Claims By Cashing Settlement Checks for Underpaid Wages
03.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: DOT Medical Exam Deemed Essential Job Function Disqualifying Schwan's Facility Supervisor
03.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL Expands Definition of "Spouse" to Include Same-Sex Partners
03.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: The Legality of Requiring Employees to Waive Legal Claims
02.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: The NLRB's Purple Communications' Decision Has Employers Singing the Email Blues
02.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: OFCCP Updates Guidance Regarding Federal Contractors' Requirements to Invite Veterans to Self-Identify in Hiring Process
02.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: Navigating the Intersection of the FMLA and ADA
01.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: 2014 Oklahoma Law - A Year in Review
01.02.15The Employer's Legal Resource: 2014 Federal Law - A Year in Review
12.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: When You Know, You Know - Notice Under Title VII Religious Accommodation
12.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: LGBT Discrimination: "What You Should Know"
11.03.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Employer's Drug Testing for Prescription Medications Arguably May Violate ADA
11.03.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Employers' Medical Releases Must Comply with GINA and the ADA
11.03.14The Employer's Legal Resource: It's Election Season: Make Sure You Give Your Employees Time Off to Vote
10.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: OSHA Final Rule Expands Reporting Requirements and Exempt Industries List
10.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: An Editorial Comment About Forms Sold On The Internet
10.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Accomodations Under The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
09.02.14The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Targets Cancer Discrimination
09.02.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Court Gives Guidance Under the "Joint Employer" Test
08.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Issues Pregnancy Discrimination Guidance
08.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Fourth Amendment in the Digital Age - Why You Need a Cellphone Policy
07.17.14Business Viewpoint: Ken Short on Oklahoma's New Employee-Raiding Law
07.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Rejects Obama's NLRB Recess Appointments
07.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: The Supreme Court Rules "Inherited" IRA's Subject to Creditors in Bankruptcy
07.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Draft Forms for Health Coverage Reporting Expected Soon
07.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Horseplay at Work was Outside the Scope of Employment, Oklahoma Court Rules
06.02.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Worker's Comp Retaliation - Into the Abyss
05.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Rules Severance Pay Subject to FICA Tax
05.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Employment Law in the Wide World of Sports
04.01.14The Employer's Legal Resource: U.S. Supreme Court to Decide Whether Time Spent In Security Screenings is Compensable Under the FSLA
03.03.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Proposed Bill to Amend FMLA Introduced
02.03.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Court Denies Summary Judgment to Employer on FMLA Notice Issue
02.03.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Timing is Everything - Why You Have to Keep Track of What You Know and When
02.03.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court - U.S. Steel Wins Donning and Doffing Case Based Upon Its Union Contract
01.02.14The Employer's Legal Resource: Update - Oklahoma Supreme Court Upholds New Workers' Compensation Law
12.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: HR Did What?! . . . A Recipe for a Home-Run Retaliation Claim
12.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Maryland Court Pushes Back on EEOC Background Check Scrutiny
11.1.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Good News For Employers-Tenth Circuit Enters Judgment Against EEOC And In Favor Of Abercrombie & Fitch
11.1.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Court Rules That Nurse Fired For Complaining About Patient's Treatment Stated “Burk” Tort Claim
11.1.13The Employer's Legal Resource: November 1 Is The Effective Date of Many of the Laws We Discussed Previously
10.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Update-New Oklahoma Worker's Compensation Act Faces Challenge
10.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Legislature Enacts Employee Raiding Law
10.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Sticks and Stones May Break Your Bones, but Words Can Send Your Case to the Jury
09.03.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma's New Workers' Compensation Act Drastically Changes Landscape For Retaliation Lawsuits
09.03.13The Employer's Legal Resource: The Tradition Trap and FMLA Enforcement: Would Your Policies and Practices Survive Scrutiny?
09.03.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Reminder About EEO-1 Filings
09.03.13The Employer's Legal Resource: 10th Circuit Ruling a Good Win for Employers, but ...
08.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Reimbursing Employee Business Expenses Could Cost You More Than You Think
08.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: How Much FMLA Training Would $160K Buy Your Supervisors?
07.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: United States Supreme Court Tightens the Reins on Retaliation Claims
07.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Defines "Supervisor" for Title VII Purposes
07.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: How the Overturning of DOMA Might Affect your FMLA Administration
06.03.13The Employer's Legal Resource: EEOC Settles GINA Lawsuits in Oklahoma
06.03.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Encourages Wellness and Smoking Cessation Programs
06.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Avoid Employment Claims with Proper Training
05.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Employers Should Properly Document the Religious Accommodation Process
05.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Get Your Response to a Charge Right the First Time!
05.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: The Religious Accommodation Process is Not Swift
04.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Introducing the New Form I-9: Must be in Use by May 8, 2013
04.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: New FMLA Forms
03.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: ADA Accommodation Assumptions - Bad Idea!
03.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Protecting Your Ability to Defeat Unemployment Claims by Employees Who Fail Drug or Alcohol Tests
03.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: NLRB Declares Mandatory Arbitration Unlawful
02.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Tax Tidbits For Employers As You Begin 2013
02.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: D.C. Circuit Declares Labor Board Decisions Invalid: How Should You Respond?
01.01.13The Employer's Legal Resource: Employers - Prepare for Supreme Court’s Definition of “Supervisor”
12.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: United States Supreme Court Overturns Oklahoma Supreme Court
12.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Holiday Accommodations 101
12.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: End of the Year Countdown
12.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: "Constant Reminders" - Are You Issuing Them?
11.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: DOL Workplace Flexibility Toolkit Launched
11.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Recent Oklahoma Case Illustrates Importance of Being Objective and Impartial When Disciplining Employees
11.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Court Overrules Motion to Dismiss On Basis Plaintiff Sufficient Pled Factual Allegations in Pregnancy Discrimination Case
10.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: It's Election Season: Make Sure You Give Your Employees Time Off to Vote
10.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Contractors - Get It Wrong and Pay the Price
10.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Update on Complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
09.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: It's That Time of Year Again - VETS Reporting. Are You Sure You Are in Compliance?
09.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Which I-9 Form Do You Use?
09.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: EEO-1S… It's That Time of Year Again
08.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: HR and Other Leaders Personally Liable for Discrimination and Retaliation
08.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Tenth Circuit Holds That Employers Are Not Always Required to Pay Holiday Leave During FMLA Leave
07.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Supreme Court Holds that Pharmaceutical Reps are Exempt
07.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Employment Security Commission Gives Tips on Unemployment Insurance Appeals
06.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Governor Signs Open-Carry Bill - What This Means for Employers
06.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: Oklahoma Discrimination Law Developments and the Demise of the OHRC
06.01.12The Employer's Legal Resource: OESC and Email
05.01.12Employment: Court Limits OSHA's Citation Power
04.01.12Employment: EEOC Releases New Guidance for Hiring of Veterans with Disabilities
04.01.12Employment: Colorado Federal Court Allows Probationary Employee to Pursue ADA Claim
03.01.12Employment: OSHA Encourages Injury and Illness Prevention Programs
03.01.12Employment: Are Your Employees "Teachers" or "Preachers"? U. S. Supreme Court Recognizes A "Ministerial Exception" to Employment Discrimination Laws
02.01.12Employment: And We Thought It Would Be Easy… But It's Not
02.01.12Employment: DOL Issues FMLA Fact Sheet Regarding Retaliation
02.01.12Employment: New FMLA Regulations Loom
02.01.12Employment: Tips on Arbitration Agreements
01.01.12Employment: What You Can and Cannot Do With an Employee's Social Security Number
01.01.12Employment: Tenth Circuit Endorses Use of Training-Specific Analysis to Determine OSHA Violations
12.01.11Employment: Supreme Court Further Narrows Employer's Ability to Restrict Competition or Solicitation by Former Employee
12.01.11Employment: New Law for Child Care Workers
12.01.11Employment: EEOC Annual Report
11.01.11Employment: Despite What You May Think, Employers Generally Cannot Move Employees Turning 65 Off Company-Provided Insurance
11.01.11Employment: Non-Compete Agreements Invalid Except Under Three Circumstances
11.01.11Employment: Second Extension for Filing Your Vets-100/100A
10.01.11Employment: New Drug and Alcohol Testing Law Goes Into Effect November 1
10.01.11Employment: New Discrimination Law Goes Into Effect November 1
10.01.11Employment: Another NLRA Notice to Post
09.01.11Employment: September 30 is the EEO-1 Deadline
09.01.11Employment: Employers Can't Offset Damages with Unemployment Benefits in Workers' Comp Retaliation Cases
09.01.11Employment: VETS Reporting Deadline Moved to November 30 (Due to Technical Difficulties)
08.01.11Employment: Leave as a Reasonable Accommodation Under the ADA
08.01.11Employment: EEOC Provides Guidance on Background Checks to Public Employers Which Provides Insight for Private Employers
07.01.11Trust & Estates: Traps in Estate Tax Portability
07.01.11Employment: Oklahoma Legislature Amends Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Laws
07.01.11Employment: A New Way You Can Be Sued for Discrimination in Oklahoma
06.01.11Healthcare: Successful Hospital and Physician Liens Depend on Proper Procedure
06.01.11Employment: There's an App for That
06.01.11Employment: More Recordkeeping Required Under Healthcare Reform
05.01.11Employment: The Wait is Over… The Challenges Begin
04.01.11Employment: EEOC Issues Final Regulations
04.01.11Employment: "Advice-Of-Counsel" Defense Won't Work if You Disregard the Advice
03.01.11Employment: IRS Payroll Audits to Target Misclassification of Workers
03.01.11Employment: Will You Have to Post a Notice Advising Your Employees of Their Rights?
02.01.11Employment: Supreme Court Holds Fired Fiancée Has Retaliation Claim
02.01.11Employment: The EEOC Takes a Position on Video Résumés
02.01.11Employment: USCIS Updates 1-9 Handbook for Employers
02.01.11Employment: Tax Changes Affecting Smaller Employers
01.26.11Tax: Tax Law Changes - What's New for 2011?
01.01.11Employment: EEOC Provides Guidance on Use of Criminal Histories in Employment Screening
01.01.11Employment: Employers Relying Upon Credit Checks Under Attack
01.01.11Employment: DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing - 2011 Random Rates
12.21.10Tax: Estate, Gift and GST Tax Changes Signed Into Law by President Obama
12.01.10Healthcare: Is Physician Employment Still the Future?
12.01.10Healthcare: Senate Passes "Red Flag Program Clarification Act" Aimed at Exempting Healthcare Providers
12.01.10Healthcare: Department of Labor Issues FAQ on Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)
12.01.10Healthcare: Significant Risk Assessment: What Constitutes a Breach Under HITECH?
12.01.10Trust & Estates: 2010 End-of-Year Estate Planning
12.01.10Trust & Estates: Obtain the Benefits of a Roth IRA Conversion in 2010 - Time is Quickly Running Out!
12.01.10Trust & Estates: College Savings Plans
12.01.10Trust & Estates: Do You Know Where Your Original Will Is?
12.01.10Trust & Estates: Should I Put My Personal Property In a Trust?
12.01.10Employment: Your Input Takes One Click
12.01.10Employment: FLSA Exemptions - Part II - Be Wary of Deductions
12.01.10Employment: Department of Labor Issues FAQs on Genetic Information Nondiscrimation Act (GINA)
11.01.10Employment: DOT Implements Regulations Banning Texting by Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers
11.01.10Employment: FLSA Exemptions - Part One - Paying Your Employee on a "Salary Basis"
11.01.10Employment: IRS Clarifies Interruption in Employment's Effect on Hire Act's Payroll Exemption
10.01.10Employment: Employers Conducting Drug Testing Beware. Once Again, the Courts are Holding You Accountable
10.01.10Employment: Customer Names - Are They Trade Secrets?
10.01.10Employment: OSHA and DOT Announce Initiatives to Combat Distracted Driving
10.01.10Employment: Annual Enrollment Ideal Time to Update Beneficiary Designations
09.29.10Tax: Overview of the Tax Provisions in the 2010 Small Business Jobs Act
09.01.10Employment: Health Care Worker's Rights to Non-Biased Workplace
09.01.10Employment: It's Time for Vets Reporting. Are You Sure You Are In Compliance?
09.01.10Employment: Verizon is Found Responsible for Paying Past Due Wages to the Employees of Its Contractors
09.01.10Employment: DOT Implements New Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulations, Effective October 1
09.01.10Employment: Estate Planning 101
08.21.10Employment: Department of Homeland Security Issues Final Rule on Electronic Signature and Storage of I-9S
08.02.10Environmental: Legislative Update on Green Energy Bills
08.02.10Environmental: Disputes Over Interstate Water Transfers Headed to the Tenth Circuit
08.02.10Environmental: The 2010 Special Water Town Hall Report and Recommendations
08.01.10Healthcare: Red Flag Rules Delayed Yet Again; FTC Agrees Not to Enforce Rule Against Physicians Pending Outcome of ABA lawsuit
08.01.10Healthcare: More Time is Given for Business Associate Compliance
08.01.10Employment: COBRA Subsidy Not Extended
08.01.10Employment: Changes to Form 5500S Require Immediate Attention of Plan Sponsors
08.01.10Employment: New Miner Safety Bill Provides Vehicle for Radical Changes to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970
07.01.10Trust & Estates: Eight Simple Estate Planning Considerations
07.01.10Trust & Estates: Dying Without a Will - Oklahoma Law of Intestate Succession
07.01.10Trust & Estates: Using a Trust Now Can Help Save Probate Costs Later
07.01.10Trust & Estates: The Federal Estate Tax Repeal - Here's the Bad News!
07.01.10Trust & Estates: Oklahoma Discretionary and Special Needs Trust Act
07.01.10Employee: Electronic Payment of Wages
07.01.10Employment: Considering A Reassignment - What is a Vacant Position?
07.01.10Employment: Quick Updates From Your Friends at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
06.01.10Healthcare: Health Reform Bill Attacked
06.01.10Healthcare: Further Extension of Cobra Premium Subsidy Signed Into Law on April 15, 2010
06.01.10Employment: DOL Issues A Fact Sheet on Required Breaks for Nursing Mothers
06.01.10Employment: Form I-9S - Frequently Asked Questions from Employers
06.01.10Employment: New Law Gives Nursing Mothers A Break
06.01.10Employment: Federal Contractors Must Post Notice Informing Employees of Rights Under The NLRA
06.01.10Employment: Preserving The Discretionary Clause of an ERISA Plan
06.01.10Employment: Supreme Court Declines to Review Decision Upholding A State's Ability to Prohibit Discretionary Clauses in ERISA Insurance Policies
06.01.10Employment: DOL Issues New Regulations Regarding Child Labor
05.01.10Employment: A Quick Reminder On What The Law Prohibits
05.01.10Employment: HIRE ACT Update - IRS Issues Final Form W-11 and New Q&As
05.01.10Employment: USERRA Rights - Is Verbal Notive of the Need for Leave Sufficient?
04.01.10Healthcare: The Eagle Has Landed!
04.01.10Healthcare: Tenth Circuit Allows Informed Consent Claim Where Physician Gives Patient False Answers to Questions Concerning Background and Experience
04.01.10Healthcare: Notice Requirements for Stark In-Office Ancillary Services Exception
04.01.10Employment: HIRE Act Signed Into Law
04.01.10Employment: H-2A Changes for Agricultural Employees
04.01.10Employment: Keeping Business Visitors Safe From Crime
03.02.10Employment: The Employer's Legal Resource - March 2010 - Special Alert
03.01.10Environmental: Poultry Litter Not Solid Waste Under RCRA
03.01.10Environmental: Legislative Update on Green Energy Bills
03.01.10Environmental: Drafting to Begin in May on Oklahoma Comprehensive Water Plan
03.01.10Employment: Thinking About Purchasing Employment Practices Liability Insurance... Be Sure You Understand What You Are Buying
03.01.10Employment: A Reminder About Reverse Discrimination
03.01.10Employment: Retaliation 101
02.01.10Employment: Overwhelming Medical Information Can Lead To Employer Liability
02.01.10Employment: DOL Issues Revised Model Notices
02.01.10Employment: Department of Labor Bans Texting For Commercial Drivers
02.01.10Employment: DOL Finalizes 7-Business-Day Safe Harbor For Depositing Participant Contributions and Loan Repayments in Small Employee Benefit Plans
02.01.10Employment: The New Oklahoma Immigration Law - What Employers Should Consider
01.01.10Trust & Estates: Uncertainty in 2010
01.01.10Employment: COBRA Subsidy Expanded for 2010
12.01.09Employment: Let Me Introduce You To GINA. She Arrived On November 21 and Is Here To Stay
12.01.09Employment: EEOC and OHRC Complaints On The Rise: Why Are They Increasing? Practical Tips And What To Expect
12.01.09Employment: Attorney Fees In Employment Cases
11.01.09Special Edition: Oklahoma Small Business Alert
11.01.09Employment: New Law Passed Which Impacts Military Provisions
11.01.09Employment: Time Off to Vote
11.01.09Employment: Damages Recoverable For Violation of Non-Compete Agreements
11.01.09Employment: EEOC Issues New Poster
11.01.09Employment: IRS Issues Guidance On Employment-Related Settlement Payments
10.01.09Employment: Independent Contractors Can Sue For Race Discrimination Under § 1981
10.01.09Employment: EEOC Is Actively Pushing ADA Issues
10.01.09Employment: Recipients of The COBRA Subsidy Face Penalties If They Fail to Notify Their Former Employer of Other Health Coverage Eligibility
09.01.09Employment: Don't Write Anything You Wouldn't Want The World To See
09.01.09Employment: But It Was Only An Accident... The Exception To Workers' Compensation Exclusivity
09.01.09Employment: Recent Decisions Clarify Standards Courts Use When Reviewing ERISA Benefit Determinations
08.01.09Employment: News From The DOT On Direct Observation
08.01.09Employment: Immigration Enforcement Shifts Focus To Employers Via Ice I-9 Audits
08.01.09Employment: DSDA's Eye On The Courts: Review of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions In 2008 Term
08.01.09Employment: FTC Delays Enforcement of Red Flag Rules Yet Again
08.01.09Employment: Effective Date For Federal Contractor E-Verify Requirements Delayed Again, New Effective Date Is September 8, 2009
08.01.09Employment: EEOC Working On New Regulations
07.01.09Employment: Can An Employer Fire An Employee Whose Earnings Are Subject To Garnishment? Can You Charge The Employee?
07.01.09Employment: Are You On The List?... OSHA Inspectors May Be Making A Visit
06.01.09Employment: Reasons For Family Business Succession Planning
06.01.09Employment: Court Rules On Direct Observation of Urine Collection
05.01.09Employment: Drug and Alcohol Testing Records: Where To Keep Them and for How Long
05.01.09Employment: A Quick Tip Which Benefits Everyone
05.01.09Employment: All Creditors Must Address Red Flag Rules By 5/1/09 - Are You A Creditor?
04.01.09Employment: COBRA Update - Notices to Qualified Beneficiaries Due By April 17, 2009
04.01.09Employment: The Supreme Court Gets Freaky
04.01.09Employment: Mass Layoffs / Plant Closings May Trigger Warn Act Protections
04.01.09Employment: 401(K) Spring Cleaning
04.01.09Employment: Non-Competes Still Subject to Rule of Reason
03.01.09Employment: She Works Hard For The Money, So You better Pay Her Right
03.01.09Employment: The Stimulus Act - A Significant Change To COBRA
03.01.09Employment: Compensatory Time Off: Some Questions and Answers
03.01.09Employment: What Do You Do With A Continuing PostJudgment Earnings Garnishment Summons? - Part II
02.01.09Employment: The Employer's Legal Resource - February 2009 - Special Edition
02.01.09Employment: Fiduciary Duty Applies When Employer Agrees To Assist With Immigration Application
02.01.09Employment: Time To Check That Policy Again
02.01.09Employment: The Employer's Guide To Navigating The Continuing Postjudgment Garnishment Summons - Part I
01.01.09Employment: Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
01.01.09Employment: Respect Act
01.01.09Employment: Employee Misclassification Prevention Act
01.01.09Employment: Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA)
01.01.09Employment: Family and Medical Leave Act
The Employer's Legal Resource: OFCCP Issues Final Sex Discrimination Guidelines That Include Protections for Female and Transgender Employees of Federal Contractors
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