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Philip R. Feist will present at the Oklahoma Bar Association (OBA) during a 5-part webcast series entitled, “Asset Protection Planning Updates." The focus will be on the following throughout the month of September:

Sept 2:  Retirement Account Protection Planning
The federal SECURE Act requires full distribution of retirement accounts inherited by non-spouse beneficiaries within 10 years of the account owner’s death. This session will describe and discuss workaround tools and strategies to avoid this distribution mandate and its potentially disastrous asset protection results.           

Sept 9: The Oklahoma Tort Protection Levee Is Gone
In Beason, the Oklahoma Supreme court ruled our statutory limitation on noneconomic tort damages to be unconstitutional. Asset protection planning? Yes – now more than ever. This session will focus on sturdy planning under Oklahoma law in the context of current protection law developments.           

Sept 16:  Still the Best: Oklahoma’s Preservation Trust in Action
The recent U.S. Supreme Court Kaestner decision is another very good reason to use an Oklahoma Family Wealth Preservation Trust as a flagship asset protection planning tool. This session will discuss Preservation Trust drafting best practices, and the rules of the road for effective Preservation Trust administration.       

Sept 23:  Tax Tango - Basic Income and Transfer Tax Efficiency Planning
The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is a game-changer. This session will lay out basic federal tax efficiencies using a family business paradigm to illustrate.              

Sept 30:  Every Family is a Blended Family
Asset protection planning begins at home. Of the four horsemen of the asset protection apocalypse, the deadliest is the Red Horse of Family Warfare. A well-conceived estate plan can save family fortunes and futures from irreparable loss. This session will discuss planning strategies for blending family member expectations into symphony, instead of tragedy. 

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