Deanna Morgan

Tulsa, Oklahoma
D: 918.591.5333
F: 918.925.5333
Williams Center Tower II
Two West Second Street, Suite 700
Tulsa, OK 74103-3117
Deanna Morgan

Deanna is a paralegal with more than twelve years of experience working in family law, oil and gas, litigation, and collaborative law.  Her strengths are in client communication, document production, trial preparation and visual exhibit creation.  Since joining Doerner, she has branched out to corporate bankruptcy, focusing mainly on petition and monthly operating report preparation.

Prior to joining Doerner, Deanna worked for ten years as a family law paralegal and office manager.  She has served on collaborative law training committees, a corporate merger and transition team, and worked on real property transactions with the BLM, BIA, and other state and county entities throughout the United States.

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Justin B. Munn

Justin B. Munn

Justin represents clients throughout Oklahoma in family law, civil litigation, guardianships, adoptions, estate planning, trust and probate matters. 

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