At Doerner, we recognize that diversity, equity and inclusion are not destinations – they are each a journey. We are proud of our long history of hiring and promoting persons from a variety of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints regardless of age, disability, race, religious affiliation, national origin, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. Our goal is simple. We hire the best and the brightest lawyers and staff – all while honoring each person’s individuality.

Our commitment to diversity was evident decades ago when we led the charge in hiring women lawyers and became one of the first firms in Tulsa with women partners. We continue our commitment today by actively seeking lawyers and staff with varied backgrounds and interests. We believe that diversity within our firm fosters a climate of respect, inclusion and opportunity.

Not only do we find that a diverse workforce is good for employee morale, but we also believe our varied backgrounds and experiences enable us to draw upon our expanding, collective knowledge base and allow us to provide informed solutions to resolve our clients’ challenges.

One of the ways we’re committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion is through promoting our efforts outside our firm. By choice, we’re affiliated with diversity-driven organizations, such as the LGBT Family Law Institute® and being a Diversity Partner of the Construction Lawyers Society of America. We participate in both of these organizations because we seek to share collective wisdom, discuss legal strategies and be advocates of change for the benefit of our clients.

In addition, Doerner contributes to organizations committed to diversity; however, our commitment to diversity is not limited to our professional lives. Through service on boards, or in the provision of pro bono legal services, our lawyers serve several national and local organizations.

Our journey towards diversity is a continuously growing part of our culture. We are committed to ensuring that our culture of equity and inclusion are reflected in all aspects of our law firm and professional endeavors.