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The Oklahoma Tax Commission has established a new tax amnesty program (the "Voluntary Compliance Initiative") for taxpayers to report and pay unpaid taxes. The Voluntary Compliance Initiative is effective only for a limited time period between September 14, 2015 and November 13, 2015 and is open to individual and business taxpayers. Any taxpayer that participates during this period is entitled to waiver of penalties, interest and other collection fees or costs due on eligible taxes if the taxpayer voluntarily files delinquent tax returns and pays the taxes due during the compliance period. Eligible taxes include the following taxes that were due and payable for any tax period or periods ending before January 1, 2015: mixed beverage tax; gasoline and diesel tax; gross production and petroleum excise tax; sales and use tax; income tax; withholding tax; and privilege tax.

Taxpayers unable to fully pay the eligible taxes during the compliance period may enter into a payment plan with the Oklahoma Tax Commission. This can be accomplished through an online payment plan application on the Oklahoma Tax Commission website. The term of the payment plan can be for no more than six (6) payments. The first payment is required as a down payment and must be made with the payment plan request. Subsequent payments are to be made on the 15th day of each month. For more details, click here or contact your Doerner Saunders' attorney to assist you in navigating the compliance initiative

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