Working at Doerner has allowed me to foster every area of my law practice and given me opportunities I would not get elsewhere. Whether it’s writing articles for the Bar Journal, representing pro bono clients, improving my marketing skills, or collaborating with experienced attorneys to learn a new area of law, Doerner provides invaluable experiences and resources which allow me to grow as a lawyer and expand my practice. The opportunities at Doerner brought me in the door, but it’s the respect and kindness of each person here that causes me to stay. I know I will develop into an excellent attorney because of their mentorship.

Allie Gage, Tulsa

Doerner embraces each attorney’s personal history, experiences, and individuality. This allows us to specialize our services to a variety of clients who often have unique and challenging issues. The matters we handle are equally diverse, which provides for a wide range of career development and elevated client contacts. At DSDA, I’ve had the privilege to work with seasoned practitioners, gain experience in diverse and complex matters, and receive advice from distinguished mentors.

Sara Potts, Oklahoma City

Doerner offers a large variety of different practice areas, each having an extremely skilled practitioner to learn from. The firm offers its associates a great opportunity to learn, grow and become a part of the team. The approach at Doerner is truly a team approach. I’m thankful to be a part of a firm that offers its professionals great opportunities.

Brian Keester, Tulsa

I love being a part of DSDA because I get to spend my efforts each day focused on doing good work for our clients alongside other great lawyers with whom I truly enjoy working. We have second-to-none resources to get our work done, including experienced paralegals, powerful document management tools, top-notch professionals in accounting, information resources, and marketing, and an ever-growing suite of software and technology tools. The work is challenging, but there’s nowhere else I’d rather do it.

Lance Bryan, Tulsa

My experience joining Doerner laterally was very positive. I appreciated the opportunity to immediately begin building on my litigation experience by representing Doerner’s clients in a variety of industries and lawsuits with wide-ranging subject matter. New additions to our team easily integrate into our Firm’s supportive culture. We value teamwork and camaraderie. I feel like that aspect of our culture not only achieves the best results for our clients, but it makes practicing law more rewarding when your colleagues are also your friends.

Michael English, Oklahoma City