• Opportunity: Dissolutions and legal separations in Oklahoma are complex under the state’s laws regarding division and valuation of community property in the marital estate. This is particularly true regarding family-owned businesses. And even if there is a prenuptial agreement, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has set very specific rules for what makes such an agreement valid.
  • Solution:  We have both the business experience to help structure the division of conventional assets, and the breadth and creativity to address unconventional issues.  Our firm has used creative forensic accounting techniques to structure the division of assets and business income derived from a variety of businesses and ventures. A key strength is our ability to account for the enterprise goodwill of a business (which is part of the marital estate) and the personal goodwill of a business owner (which is not part of the division of assets), an issue in which Oklahoma law is unique.
  • Result:  Our lawyers have the financial knowledge to structure domestic relations arrangements that transition assets seamlessly, and offer comprehensive services to help clients get on with their lives after the legal details are completed.  For example, we can assist clients with post-divorce estate planning to handle financial issues they might otherwise not consider.  It is the kind of seamless assistance that we believe distinguishes Doerner’s family law practice