As the most established family law practice of any full-service law firm in Oklahoma, Doerner is a respected and trusted industry leader. Our family law team is known for skillful problem-solving and effectively representing clients with complex legal issues, including high-conflict child custody cases, division of high net-worth marital estates and providing comprehensive advice of available options for efficiently addressing client concerns.

We frequently handle marital and child custody disputes, often referred to us by solo practitioners and small firms that are inexperienced in the complexities of Oklahoma family law. Because we offer options for alternative dispute resolution such as mediation and collaborative divorce representation, we also have the capability of helping clients reach settlement agreements outside of the courtroom to achieve an amicable resolution whenever possible.

Child guardianship is another complex family law concern in which we have deep experience.  Because any family member can file guardianship petitions, we are well-versed in the criteria that courts use to determine custody. We can also work with the Department of Human Services to resolve related guardianship issues when necessary.

We excel at business evaluation and forensic accounting necessary to determine the division of marital assets, particularly regarding family businesses. Oklahoma law is very specific on such issues as valuing goodwill and determining the validity of prenuptial agreements, and Doerner lawyers are skilled at working with accountants and CPAs to arrive at fair and accurate determinations.

Doerner helps family law clients with a full range of post-divorce issues, such as estate and wealth management planning or defense of family businesses sued for such claims as wrongful termination. Our lawyers work together to provide seamless assistance to clients on all the complex financial and legal issues of marital dissolution.

  • Divorce, including alternative dispute resolution (mediation and collaborative divorce)
  • Division of assets and liabilities in the marital estate, especially relating to family-owned businesses
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements
  • Post-decree proceedings such as modification and enforcement
  • Child custody, child support and paternity actions
  • Parenting coordination
  • Family law mediation
  • Child guardianship
  • Adoption

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With a solid reputation in family law matters, you can feel confident that Doerner’s lawyers have the necessary knowledge and resources to protect your legal rights during life’s unexpected challenges.

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