The lawyers of Doerner’s appellate practice integrate extensive knowledge of court procedures with highly developed legal research, brief writing and oral advocacy skills. This combination of knowledge and skill gives our clients their best opportunity to preserve a favorable trial court result or to overturn an unfavorable one.

Our appellate practice was pioneered by founding partner E.J. Doerner, who during 50-plus years represented clients in nearly 100 reported appellate cases and many other unreported ones. Today we handle state and federal court and administrative tribunal appeals in all areas of civil litigation and administrative law, appearing in such forums as the United States Supreme Court, several of the federal circuit courts of appeals, and a number of state appellate courts.

This experience enables us to advise and help trial counsel to properly preserve grounds for error and develop a clear procedural record, giving our clients better chances for success on appeal. Our appellate lawyers are intimately familiar with the standard of review the appellate court will utilize and the types of arguments the appellate court will find persuasive when reviewing trial court rulings, and use this familiarity to work with trial lawyers and develop a record that will maximize the chances of prevailing on appeal.

In addition, Doerner’s appellate lawyers handle bonding of judgments and seek stays of the enforceability of judgments pending the outcome of the appeal. We also represent clients who wish to submit an amicus curiae brief to address the issues on appeal as a "friend of the court."

  • Brief writing and oral argument
  • Amicus submissions
  • Motion practice
  • Preservation of error
  • Identifying findings of facts and conclusions of law

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Clients rely on our appellate team to grasp quickly the key issues on which to base an appeal.  Because virtually any civil or criminal trial decision can be appealed, the likelihood of success is greater with appellate counsel with the kind of wide-ranging experience found on our team.

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