Doerner’s lawyers bring a confident and deliberate approach to resolving issues through litigation and dispute resolution. Representing Oklahoma, regional and national clients as defendants and plaintiffs in crucial disputes, our litigation practice is as diverse as the interests of our clients and has a special focus on issues of statewide importance.

We extensively work on controversies in the oil and gas sector, represent numerous municipalities in employment, right-of-way and water issues, and have considerable experience resolving trust disputes and other banking-related controversies. In addition, Doerner’s litigators regularly represent clients in contract disputes, bad faith litigation, construction matters, employment conflicts, trade practice issues and a variety of other litigation concerns, with expertise provided in state, federal, and appellate courts throughout the nation.

Many of these disputes settle short of trial, but our lawyers’ decades-long track record of appearing in court gives us a distinct advantage against litigators who have never actually tried a case. This courtroom experience enables our lawyers to better evaluate the odds of success at trial and often to develop a practical resolution strategy to avoid the costs of lengthy litigation. Trial experience gives us the ability to expertly advise clients on whether to avoid, commence, settle, try or mediate a dispute. Doerner litigators also uniquely benefit from the firm’s century-long history of legal representation in Oklahoma. This prestigious history provides our lawyers with a wealth of legal, historical and practical litigation experience passed through the generations which is unavailable to most firms.

Building on this foundation of experience, the hallmarks of our litigation practice are service and ethics. Our practiced and experienced partners are directly involved in every case, working with select younger lawyers with top-notch credentials and practical skills. Because we treat opposing parties and counsel with civility and fairness, Doerner lawyers receive the utmost respect in courts statewide – a combination that gives our clients instant credibility in every venue.

In any of our practice areas, clients know we will take the time to understand their needs and listen to their concerns. We understand business realities and that litigation often presents clients with difficult decisions involving unknown variables.  With this knowledge, Doerner lawyers strive always to give clients honest, clear guidance on whether to try or settle a case. The result is the kind of strong working relationships that have kept many clients with us for decades as they grow and their needs become more complex. Litigation is rarely simple. However, our attorneys are available to provide meaningful advice, support and guidance through every step of the process.

  • Provided clients with administrative agency representation before such bodies as the Oklahoma Health Care Authority, Oklahoma Human Rights Commission, Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and Oklahoma Corporation Commission.
  • Represented and defended businesses and organizations in the complex disciplines of appellate and class action litigation.
  • Handled oil and gas litigation involving royalty owner and operating agreement disputes, title controversies, natural gas contract and processing lawsuits.
  • Obtained a published decision setting aside, on the basis of an Open Meetings Act violation, a wholesale water contract that was contrary to our client’s interests.
  • Defended a managed healthcare company in claims ranging from breach of contract to negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, bad faith and fraud.
  • Resolved commercial disputes focused on contractual claims involving everything from construction project change orders to confidentiality agreements to business partnership agreements.
  • Served as lead counsel in a civil action originating the Northern District of Oklahoma for foreclosure of a bank’s loan with business interests and ancillary actions in the United Kingdom and the British Virgin Islands.

  • Representation of all key parties to bankruptcy in bankruptcy courts throughout Oklahoma and in numerous jurisdictions around the country.
  • Resolution of construction claims and liens through mediation, arbitration and litigation.
  • Defense of employers in such matters as wage-and-hour conflicts, retaliation claims, disability accommodations and OSHA citations.
  • Appellate practice before the Oklahoma Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Oklahoma, as well as the federal circuit courts and US Supreme Court.
  • Handling marital and custody disputes through litigation and mediation.
  • Securing and defending groundwater rights, including water allocation and replacement.
  • Assistance with resolving inter- and intra-tribal disputes and administration of court systems for Native American tribes.
  • Defense of news media outlets and reporters against claims of libel, slander, defamation and invasion of privacy.
  • Defense against allegations of sales practice violations, Ponzi schemes, insider trading, net capital violations and market manipulation.

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In today’s adversarial society, lawsuits are inevitable for businesses of any size.  As a plaintiff or a defendant, companies want a litigation firm that deeply understands their interests and knows how to achieve them.  Doerner trial and appellate lawyers give our clients the dispute resolution counsel they need while respecting their time, intelligence and money.  Although we are experienced trial lawyers, we believe the true standard of an effective commercial litigation practice is the total commitment to finding the best and most effective resolution to a client’s business disputes.

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