Doerner lawyers are well-versed in matters impacting the needs of individuals or companies that contribute to or serve Oklahoma’s vibrant arts and entertainment sector, with offices positioned to serve the artistic community in Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

Our legal services cover all forms of mass media and entertainment, including motion pictures, music, and intellectual property. Because our lawyers have firsthand practical experience in production and marketing within these industries, our approach to the law balances the likely need for profitability with the artist’s desire for creative control. We place high priority on understanding each client’s goals and objectives so that we can successfully represent their interests, freeing them to focus on sharing their artistic vision with the wider public.

  • Motion picture option agreements
  • Project financing
  • Chain of title issues
  • Negotiation and drafting of talent agreements for scriptwriters, film directors, actors, composers, musicians and production designers
  • Mass and specialized distribution issues
  • General intellectual property issues relating to copyright and trademark
  • Synchronization rights
  • Negotiation and drafting of theatre rental agreements and co-production agreements
  • Negotiation, drafting, prosecuting and defending of multimedia software licenses
  • Video game development and production
  • All matters impacting publishing and print media advertising, visual arts and design issues, consignment of artworks, moral rights of artists regarding works in public places, and protection of graphic design elements in products
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