Doerner lawyers have been fully involved and engaged in the economic transformation of professional sports during the past 20 years, and the resulting financial benefit it has brought to professional athletes. We provide a full spectrum of legal services related to agency and representation of professional athletes, coaches and broadcasters, including contract negotiations and endorsements. Our sports lawyers have represented basketball and football players, auto and motorcycle racers, and both athletes and promoters in extreme sports, emerging sports, and international sports, providing assistance at the intersection of legal and business concerns..

Our sports lawyers are well-versed in as the structuring of player contracts and the resolution of problems with agent or player associations. We also handle collegiate negotiations and guidelines regarding draft and trade negotiations. The professional athletes and agents who we represent depend on our strong background in to handle general legal issues involving antitrust, labor, intellectual property, federal disability and discrimination laws, and business.

  • Player contracts
  • Agent relations
  • Draft and trade negotiations
  • Antitrust law
  • Labor and discrimination issues
  • General business counseling
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