Doerner was founded one year before Oklahoma’s first commercial oil well was brought in, and are proud to have been part of Oklahoma’s evolving oil and gas industry ever since that defining event.

Our lawyers represent individual and corporate clients in all phases of exploration and production. Whether their operations are focused upstream, midstream or downstream, we provide legal services and support to royalty owners, large and small working interest owners, operators, mid-stream purchasers, gatherers and transporters and downstream purchasers. We assist with all aspects of oil and gas operations, including the sale and acquisition of oil and gas properties and securitization. We are skilled at handling these transactions because we have done so many of them, and never let unimportant details get in the way of completing the deal. Doerner lawyers know the regulatory infrastructure in which these properties operate, and are as comfortable reading an engineer’s report on reserves as we are at understanding the details of a land title or helping to structure financing arrangements. And we have a proven track record at interpreting contracts and structuring reasoned settlements involving complex legal and accounting issues. 

  • Drafting and negotiating rights of way, storage leases, transportation and storage contracts
  • Effectuating corporate acquisitions and sales
  • Prosecuting and defending litigation involving operating agreements, royalty owners, pipelines, adverse possession, pooling and drilling disputes, title and leasing disputes and trespass claims
  • Prosecuting and defending against contractor and subcontractor claims
  • Providing advice and legal opinions on leasing, operation, and production matters
  • Drafting of estate planning related issues
  • Handling of bankruptcy and bankruptcy-related matters
  • Lien filing and foreclosure
  • Joint interest owner collections and joint interest audit
  • Ensuring environmental compliance and defending against environmental damage claims

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Just like the integrated energy industry that we serve, Doerner oil and gas lawyers develop comprehensive solutions to the financial, operational and regulatory concerns that can make or break an energy industry project. We understand how much is at stake, and all key players in the oil and gas industry understand they can rely on us for the practical help they need.

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