Doerner lawyers offer to clients alternative dispute resolution techniques such as mediation and arbitration as a less costly, less time-consuming alternative to litigation. Through mediations and arbitrations we facilitate unique solutions to business and personal issues, including those where clients benefit from a confidential forum to resolve matters in dispute.

We serve as mediators and arbitrators in cases originally brought before both state and federal courts in Oklahoma and across the United States. As mediators our lawyers perform shuttle diplomacy to negotiate common ground between opposing parties, while in our work as arbitrators we sit as private judges, hear evidence from both sides, and then render an opinion. 

Reflecting the high regard in which our ADR work is held, many of our lawyers practicing as mediators and arbitrators have been appointed as adjunct settlement judges through the ADR Program of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma and the Early Settlement Program employed by the Tulsa County District Court.

  • Complex commercial litigation
  • Personal injury and products liability
  • Health care and ERISA issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business torts
  • Family law, divorce and child custody cases
  • Insurance coverage issues
  • Construction disputes
  • Employment and labor cases
  • Peer review for health care professionals

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Most cases in litigation – including 97 percent of disputes in Oklahoma – are resolved short of trial. Even so, we know that litigation is often time-consuming and always costly, so we routinely use arbitration, mediation and ADR tools as pragmatic ways to achieve meet our clients’ needs, while sparing them the expense and stress of a lawsuit.

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