For more than 50 years, Doerner has helped manufacturers, energy companies, municipalities and public trusts, railroads and landowners manage environmental compliance requirements and risks. Clients rely on us to handle any water, wastewater, water quality, hazardous waste, Superfund and other enforcement, permitting or remediation issue in Oklahoma, as well as regional matters involving Arkansas, Kansas and Texas.

Our key strength as environmental lawyers is that we not only handle regulatory guidance and permitting , but also handle related litigation cases before federal and state agencies and in the courts. Doerner has practiced environmental law since the field began in the 1970s, and because our lawyers have been part of the process as federal and state statutes and rules evolved, we are strong advocates for our clients – and insightful advisers about whether and how best to negotiate or fight. Our experience with complex water rights and water quality compliance issues is critically important. We advise groundwater owners concerning Oklahoma Water Resources Board rules on groundwater, and help municipalities and public trusts in connection with water issues. Doerner’s vast public trust experience gives us unsurpassed insight into regional concerns over water treatment and replacement. We also understand that litigation is not always the most practical strategy. Our hidden strength is that we deconstruct and then solve problems, not just point them out. We know that our clients see environmental compliance as a cost; but having been involved in the evolution of environmental law, Doerner lawyers understand the goals and processes of the regulators and add value by developing proactive solutions that minimize compliance expense. By conducting a cost-benefit analysis we can often identify a low-cost engineering or procedural solution that resolves an environmental problem better than what regulators propose, or what litigating can accomplish. Two of our environmental attorneys are former environmental regulators, and one was on the Oklahoma Mining Commission. This gives us a depth of insight into regulatory matters not found in most law firms. This is especially important to help clients manage legacy environmental problems involving Superfund sites or other contamination issues. Developing the most practical and expedient solution is our top concern and our strategic advantage.

  • Advised a Fortune 500 Company in all regulatory, litigation and construction facets of Superfund and RCRA remedial activities at two Zinc refining facilities, one closed and one operational.
  • Resolved a regulatory dispute for a drinking water supplier regarding application of Trihalomethane standards.
  • Handled resolution of a regulatory dispute for an operator of industrial waste treatment facilities involving application of POTW regulations, including drafting of required state legislation.
  • Helped a landowner with regulatory, litigation and construction aspects of Superfund remedial activities involving a recycling facility at a closed petrochemical company.
  • Represented the operator of treated water and waste treatment facilities in negotiation and drafting of purchase and sale contracts with municipal, water district and industrial customers.
  • Litigated on behalf of a landowner in a cost recovery action against a former tenant involving waste oil soil contamination.
  • Represent a municipality in a dispute with EPA over Water Quality Standards.
  • Negotiated a settlement with EPA on behalf of a developer regarding alleged Wetlands violations.

  • Guidance on environmental permitting and compliance, particularly water and wastewater treatment and supply, stormwater and wetlands issues, and compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and environmental impact assessments.
  • Counsel on state and federal environmental programs and requirements specific to the energy sector, including those for pipelines, refineries, renewable energy.
  • Advice to Native American tribal leaders on environmental matters ranging from casino construction to wastewater treatment plants.
  • Due diligence environmental analysis and assistance for clients purchasing or selling a business, business assets or real estate.
  • Comprehensive help with all transactions, permitting and compliance issues involving water rights, water treatment and water services.
  • Assistance to multiple Principal Responsible Parties (PRPs) involved in Superfund sites.
  • Defend clients in suits filed by private individuals and companies involving property or groundwater contamination.
  • Defense of and negotiation of resolutions to regulatory enforcement actions against clients.

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Businesses in our region have unique land management, water supply, air and water quality, and natural resource concerns that Doerner environmental lawyers fully understand. Whether the issue is securing permits, defending water rights or resolving regulatory disputes, we use our experience as environmental law pioneers to develop the right solutions that meet compliance and competitive needs.

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