Doerner is a diverse, sophisticated and down-to-earth law practice, both in the variety of civil matters we handle and in our personnel. We are not a cookie-cutter law firm where there is only one approach to a problem or everyone attended the same schools.

Our lawyers are practical and driven, fueled by the challenges and opportunities our clients face. We have completed undergraduate work at more than 26 colleges and universities in 17 States and the District of Columbia, and graduated from 18 different law schools. The outside interests of our lawyers are as varied as our law practice, and we have lawyers who pursue flying, cooking, bird hunting and numerous other hobbies. Our commitment to hiring the best people is evident by the fact that, in 1970, we were one of the first law firms in Oklahoma to name one of our female colleagues a partner.

A full staff of paralegals, accountants, legal secretaries, IT professionals and other support personnel serves the demanding administrative needs of our attorneys and clients.

Our goal is to provide the best representation possible, demonstrate superior service and do so at a reasonable cost.

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Justin B. Munn

Justin B. Munn

Justin represents clients throughout Oklahoma in family law, civil litigation, guardianships, adoptions, estate planning, trust and probate matters. 

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